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Essence Product Updates For September 2011


essence better than gel nails base sealer

Fixes and sets the tone: This base coat provides an ideal fit for artificial tips and makes sure the later styling is perfect and especially long-lasting. Broadening the styling line the base sealer is available as of fall in two new colors. White, for an even more intensive look and rose for a natural French look. Around 2.49 €*.


Perfectly styled nails?Withoutvisitinganailsalon?Simply at home?That is no longer just a great dream!

Since essence raises the bar with its line„STUDIOnails–better than gel nails“!

The line offers everything that is needed for a perfect nail styling–just„better than gel nails“.Due to its simple application and gentle removal styling is possible in the twinkling of an eye–without damaging your natural nails and completely without UV-light. Just unpack and start!




essence nail art cracking top coat

They are cool, they are stylish and they are simply part of the current trend looks: cracked nails! The new colors of the nail art cracking top coats from essence enable new styling variations. Simply apply on top of colored polish and watch the polish crack within seconds. Two new colors complement the total range of four colors. Around 1.79 €*.


essence nail art soft touch special effect topper

Doesn’t only look beautiful but also feels fantastic. Due to its special texture, this topcoat provides nails with an extreme "soft touch“ effect you just have to touch. If you want to impress with fancy nail designs this fall watch out for this effect topper. Around 1.79 €€*.



essence nail art freestyle & tip painter

The must-have for all artists: The nail art freestyle & tip painter does not only wrap nail tips in the most beautiful trend colors of the season but also creates individual ornaments on your nails. Due to its innovative, long and fine brush even most delicate designs become feasible. So get creative and start painting! Two new colors complement the total range of eight colors. Around 1.49 €*.




essence shape & style 3in1 file

Handy, stylish and perfect for the ideal nail care! The 3in1 nail file has the right grain size for each step: file, smooth and polish –its especially ergonomic shape provides your nails with a brilliant sheen in the twinkling of an eye. Around 2.29 €*



essence sun club


essence sun club oil control paper Stop the annoying T-Zone problem! The matting special paper absorbs excessive sebum and removes shine. In an instant your complexion is perfectly matted again and ready for going out. Comes in an innovative slider package. Around 1.99 €*.


essence sun club 100% splash-proof eye pencil

The perfect partner for the essence sun club 100% splash-proof mascara: no more bleeding eyeliners with the new eye pencil! Its special formula is 100% wiping-and water-proof and can be applied very precisely. Available in ultra black. Around 1.49 €*.




essence mono eyeshadow

The new mono eye shadows with a high level of pigments, expressive colors and a new pattern provide a color-intensive start into the fall. Softly shimmering, matt, metallic or even holographic: They create fascinating effects on the eyelids and provide each eye make-up with that certain something! As of September six new colors complement the total range of 36 colors. Around1.59 €*.



essence Quattro eyeshadow


As of fall the popular quattro eye shadows provide even more styling pleasure. Each collection has perfectly matching colors in different textures ranging from matt to silky shimmering so there is no limit to creativity in eye make-up. The improved texture dispenses even more color and provides a long-lasting result! Four new color combinations complement the total range of 6 color combinations. Around 2.99 €*




essence stay all day long lasting eyeshadow


lasts and lasts and lasts and… is simply gorgeous! The heavily pigmented colors of the new stay all day long lasting eyeshadow enhance the eye make-up with a seductive look with metallic effects. The creamy texture is particularly authentic and does not crease. Its stylish jar and the different designs make it a real eye-catcher in your bathroom. Available in six trendy colors. Around 2.79 €*.


essence 2in1 kajal

Always the right color within reach: the 2in1 kajal offers the right color for each occasion. Two perfectly combinable colors make the hearts of all styling queens beat faster and provide intensive winks. One new color combination complements the total range of four color combinations. Around1.49 €*



essence long lasting eye pencil


The star product among the eye pencils: due to the innovative rotary mechanism the long lasting eye pencil canbe applied especially precisely and guarantees a long-lasting result. Matching the season two new trend colors provide the eye make-up with extra depth and sensuality. Two new colors complement the total range of eight colors. Around 1.49 €*.





essence 2in1 volume mascara




volume on demand: whether discreet and natural or intensive and glamorous –the new 2in1 mascara has it. The matching look for each occasion. Due to its clever 2-step stripe-off system you can apply just the ideal amount of mascara onto the brush and create different styles. Look 1 for defined volume and look 2 for spectacular XXXL-volume! Around 3.29 €*.



essence liquid eyeliner/liquid eyeliner waterproof


Yet the same popular but as of now in a much cooler design: the liquid eyeliner provides fast drying and long-lasting results both in the classic and the water-proof version. Due to its innovative flock applicator you can apply the eyeliner particularly precisely. Available in non water-proof around 2.29 €* and water-proof around 2.49 €*.


essence I love extreme –volume mascara



For all fans of the extreme this volume mascara will hit just the right spot! It contains ultra black pigments covering each lash color intensive and a large brush for stunning volume. This combination gives the perfect "I love-Look"! Around 2.79 €*.


essence I love style –liquid eyeliner







its precise, fast drying and long-lasting –it is THEstyling product of the season! Due to its carbon pigments and its glossy texture the new liquid eyeliner enhances the eye make-up with that certain something. The fine applicator makes drawing the eye line a piece of cake and styling an eye-catcher



essenceI love rock –gloss eye pencil




Watch out rock chicks! As of September the rocky party look gets a glossy finish. The deep black gloss eye pencil does not only provide your styling with a long-lasting eye line but also with a glossy appearance you just have to love! Around 1.29 €*.


essence I love glam –powder eyeliner & eyeshadow




The ultimate all-round talent in terms of dramatic eye make-up: as a matter of fact the powder eyeliner & eye shadow is eyeliner and eye shadow in one. Due to its loose khol texture it can be applied as both eyeliner and eye shadow. The special flock applicator provides an especially even result and the super fine shimmery pigments provide the I-love-Styling with the absolute WOW-effect! Available in 01 black Around 2.79 €*.



essence I love stage –eyeshadow base 

I love stage –eyeshadow base has to get on stage! It can be applied diversely either as primer for concealers or eye shadows. The creamy texture does not crease, makes the eye shadow last longer and appear much more color intensive. For an even eye make-up waiting for its gig on stage! Around 2.49 €*.


essence tint it! colour changing lipgloss



Color at your whim! The show-stopper: the glossy color changes when applied to the lips -from orange to pink, from blue to pink or from purple to pink. Its special formula softly tints your lips for several hours and thus provides a long-lasting and perfectly glossy look. As a special highlight softly shimmering effects complete the styling. Available in three colors. Around 1.99 €*.


essence on top lipgloss


Everyday a different way! With the on top lipglosses you can change the color of your lipstick completely individually. Simply applied on top of your lipstick, you can create seductive accents in black, silver or holographic pink. Applied only partially, your styling will be especially fancy. There is no limit to your creativity. Available in three colors. Around 1.99 €*.



essence XXXL shine nudes lipgloss


still trendy, still beautiful. The creamy soft lipglosses in soft nude tones give your lips a miraculously well-cared and natural look. Perfectly shiny and glossy-light they lay onto your lips. One new color complements the total range of three colors. Around1.79 €*.


essence lipstick


Soft, seductive and indescribably creamy: As of fall the famous essence lipstick will be available in two new colors. This way you can perfectly match your lip make-up with your new fall outfits. The colorful packaging that exactly matches the lipstick color makes picking your favorite color easier and brings a little color into the dull fall. Available as of September in 16 different colors. Around 1.99 €*.



essence fix & matte! translucent loose powder


Matt and fix for a perfect finish! The transparent, lose powder can be applied on top of the foundation matting your skin and fixing your make-up. The handy jar contains little holes dispensing exactly the right amount of powder. For a radiant, natural and even complexion. Available in one transparent shade for all skin tones. Around 2.99 €*.




essence blush brush

Pink is beautiful! Particularly in terms of the new blush brush from essence. Its soft, beveled brush hair are perfect for shading and modeling face and cheeks. Especially the cheek area can be professionally accentuated and highlighted with the blush brush. The brush is always well kept in the handy, transparent packaging and always ready for action. Around 2.79 €*.


essence powder brush


Wellness program for your skin: The velvety soft brush hair subtly glide over your skin. Due to its slightly rounded form lose or pressed powder can be ideally dispersed for a flawless finish. When travelling it can quickly be stored in the corresponding outer package. Around 2.99 €*.




essence colour & go quick drying nail polish

This fall will be colorful! At least with the colour & go nail polishes. As of September a total of 28 new colors are available making a decision difficult. Whether bright or discreet –essence offers something for every taste and every outfit! Thanks to the flat brush with only one application as well as the extra fast-drying formula your hand and feet are high in fashion with the colour & go nail polishes. 28 new colors complement the total range of 56 colors. Around1.29 €*


essence express dry drops

Sometimes every second counts: And with the express dry drops your nail polish dries in just 60 seconds! Due to the pipette the product can be systematically and dropwisely applied. And the best: Fingernails and cuticles will be nourished with vitamin E and almond oil getting extra shine! Now available in the French manicure assortment. Around 1.99 €*.



essence gel-look top coat

Just like fresh from the nail salon: the gel-look top coat with XXXL shine dries especially fast and provides nails with the hip gel-look. For wonderfully well-manicured nails in high gloss! Around 1.69 €*.


essence french glam tattoo stickers



Individual, fancy and simply gorgeously beautiful! As of fall the French look will be pimped. Namely with the extra thin tattoo stickers in delicate designs that are very easily applicable. Simply cut out a theme, peal of the film and done. Matching the French look in light colors, they create fascinating styles onto nails and nail tips. Available in one version. Around 1.29 €*.



essence allround talent


All-rounder all along the line: the allround talent nail polish can be used as both base and top coat. It protects the natural nail from discoloration, brightens it optically and evens creases. And colored nail polishes get the finishing touch because the allround talent refreshes the color, prevents from early chipping and provides an extremely glossy finish. With this nail polish nothing is left to be desired (for your nails). Around 1.79 €*


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