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28 pieces Neutral Eye Palette Swatches

neutral palettew

I purchased this over ebay the seller had a sale on this palette, it cost me about 4 GBP, 

Some of them are really nice and pigmented and some are not pigmented at all

this palette is really so difficult to photograph I have taken lots of pictures on different light settings but still could not get nice pictures,

it is still good for neutral lovers but to be honest i did not use most of the shades at all, I did not need to use, they do not show up on my skin tone.

I did not use much the first three eye shadows on the 3rd row at all.

Sometimes it is really nice to go and buy some nice drugstores dupes but sometimes not, this one of those times that i hit my head to walls why did I purchased this first place

Next time when I want to buy a neutral makeup palette, I will possibly go for UD or Bobbi Brown

NYX has a neutral palette but it has also lipsticks in it, I do not like those palettes.

Yeah I am very hard to please I have certain tastes, I tend to follow that route, But If I like something I keep on buying if I do not I do not…  

One other thing these palettes are not magnetic, both eye shadows both the thing  ( forget the name sorry) holding the eye shadows have been glued and i noticed it melted from heat so eye shadows start to pop out.
I decided to depot them into MAC palettes some were really easy except the mid row, so at that part some of the eye shadows had some sort of  accident  Sad smilethose who had an accident they have fatal injuries but still alive and kicking ..

As a result as you can see from the swatches , swatch bit was also hard to photo..   We drove each other mad.. But I could only get this bit nicely photographed. 
It does not worth to buy,  Not recommended.
This palette could not pass the crash test, I am giving it just  2/100
Saying sit you got a Big 0 would not be fair cos I liked some shades truly, madly, deeply.

neutral palette1



neutral palette2

neutral palette

neutral palettew
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28 pieces Neutral Eye Palette Swatches - MYSTICAL MAKE UP AND BEAUTY `