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Sigma F15 Duo Fibre Brush Review



This is one Sigma makeup’s new brushes, It is a duo fibre brush, It says it is for powder and blush, but I prefer to use it as a foundation brush..

I also use this brush for  applying MCC, Nars Cream Blushes

The fibres are soft and it is easy to apply any kind of cream products although it is more easy to use cream products with their Kabuki brushes..

Because it is a duo fibre brush it is much more easy to apply foundation if I have to compare it with MAC 190 or Sigma  Foundation brush.
This is not a must have brush for beginners but for the collectors or for the people like me who likes to try new things than go for it,

I always take my sigma brushes with me When I am travelling because If I loose or dropped it or forget  it somewhere I will not get very sad, it is affordable I can always replace it, but I do not like to take MAC brushes with me, it is expensive and not everybody can afford it, best to use it at home for my self rather than somebody nicks it or I forget it somewhere.

I have good quality brushes but I did not buy them at once, I bought one brush at a time, and It took me long time to buy the brushes I want to so they are very precious for me..

I sometimes use it mixing my powder bronzer and liquid highlighter and apply to my face as highlighter bronzer

It is actually multi talented brush, it blends loose powders, loose blushes great.

This is also an exact dupe of MAC 131 brush

I will soon be posting on MAC 131 brush and than it will be followed by a comparisson post between MAC 131 and Sigma F15
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Sigma F15 Duo Fibre Brush Review - MYSTICAL MAKE UP AND BEAUTY `