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Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Toner



Few days ago I posted a general post on Liz Earle products.
This time I will go on details.
This is the second step of Liz Earle Skin Care Line,
After washing your face with Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Muslin Cleanser  or which cleanser you are using.
I use this after Hot Muslin Cleanser,
It has herbal extracts, like rose & aloe vera
All you need to do is pour some toner on the cotton and swipe your face
The Picture below you see is taken after washing my hand with Liz Earle Hot Muslin Cleanser and than I applied toner ….

The reason I used on my hand,  On the day I took these pictures I was very busy with doing eye shadow swatches, and my hand was in a mess.

it would be more ideal to show you the effect on a small part of skin rather than whole face.

So If you are asking what makes Liz Earle Skin Toner different than other toners on the market.

1- most of the toners are oily even the non oily ones contains a bit of oil. and if you are suffering from  oily – combination skin it will not help you , but it will make your skin more oily based than ever
2- Also you can use this toner as an eye make up remover, you will not need to use an eye make up remover after you use hot cleanser but sometimes mascaras and eye liners can stay and it will remove them.
Oily based eye make up removers, oil stays on your lids and after a while with the help of your heart beats it will move to your eye area, and it will fill your under eye skin cells, and it will avoid your skin to breathe , and you will have more darker eyes and big circles.
3- It is not an alcohol based toner, as alcohol based toners not only helps you to get rid of your oily skin, it kills oil cells on your skin… Imagine you clean your face with surgical alcohol, all you  can feel will be a very tight skin like you just had a plastic surgery.
4- It is not gel based it is a liquid based toner, so it is lighter than the other toners.
5- I sometimes feel irritation on my skin at nights, and I woke up from my sleep and I just clean my face once more with this toner, because I know my self I do not relax my skin, i will be playing with my skin all night
and the next morning my face will look like i had big fight, full of nail marks..
6- When I was a young girl I had a very oily skin, we did not have natural skin care lines at those times., I have been given alcohol based skin care line, after few years it dried my skin, and I suffered from very dry skin..  after long self skin treatment It turned back to normal. I much prefer to have an oily rather than having a dry skin…  The products I used when I was young were from High Street Brands, and  it is selling good…
All those companies will sell good, because most of the women does not know their skin type, what kind of products they need..  And of course a sales person’s job is to sell the product… They sell it to use..
That's how those brands are still standing and best selling
7- You need to follow your skin care regulation other wise even the most expensive caviar cream will not work..
8- You need to have big patience, you might not see any changes immediately, this is not magic girls…Rome was not build in one day
9- I think it has poppy also in the ingredients I can smell it.. also it is paraben free
10- Whether you do make up or not your skin needs cleanse, toning and moistening.
11- I live quite close to LHR even on the days that I do not put on my make up when I clean my face I see how dirty it is ..air pollution affects our skin as well. 
12- It is in a 200 ml Twist Off Bottle for £11.50  , it also available 3 x200 ml bottle for £31.50, it also has a  spritzer in a pump spray bottle 200 ml for £11.75 200ml Toner and 30ml Spritzer is for £15.73

My personal opinion I think it deserves a chance to try this toner…

“This product is provided by PR for review purposes only, you are reading my honest opinions”
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