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Essence Metallics Accessories

To complete your trendy metallic look this season, essence hasn’t forgotten about accessories! From November until December 2010, essence is offering the futuristic trend edition, “metallics accessories,” to wear with your glowing metallic makeup.
With cool bracelets, earrings and necklaces in the popular metallic look, you can turn any outfit into a true eye catcher! Whether they’re shiny silver, anthracite or matt black, these accessories are sure to make you the highlight of every party!


essence metallics steel me bracelet
Delicate, shiny silver pearls meet a mix of robust and fine multi-layered chains to create the perfect bracelet. The steel me bracelet is the ultimate must-have for true fashionistas! Guaranteed to complete your cool metallic style. One size fits all wrists thanks to the elastic band.
Length: approx. 20 cm. Around 4.99 €*




essence metallics battle leather bracelet
The bold metal battle leather bracelet creates the ultimate rocker chic look! The four rows of rivets and a stud button fastener make this unique bracelet the star of your outfit. Wear it with it with your favorite feminine outfits to give them just the right amount of edge. And don’t forget the essence metallics nail polish in silver to round out the look. Made of PU (polyurethane), approx. 21 cm long and 4 cm wide. Around 3.99 €*.




essence metallics heavy cross single necklace
The beautifully designed gothic cross with tear-drop pendant looks mystical and mysterious. Tiny, sparkling black rhinestones add a special touch to the necklace. Depending on how you wear it, this gorgeous heavy cross chain can be girly or tough, but always shows that you’re in style!
Length: approx. 51 cm with a 5 cm pendant. Around 3.99 €*.


essence metallics necklace in chains
Emphasize your décolleté with two black soft-suede bands, held together by delicate, anthracite pearl necklace strands. The necklace looks amazing for a night on the town but adds a pop to your everyday look too! Approx. 55 cm long with a carabineer clasp fastener. Around 4.99 €*.

Look forward to these and 21 additional essence “metallics accessories” in stores from November until December 2010.


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