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Buxom For Fall 2010 Collections

Buxom Laura Does London Collection


Infused with vibrant mystique, Laura and London (her luminous lip stick sidekick) sashay through England's style capital with reckless high shine and a decadent tingling sensation. This duo guarantees a megawatt smile—lips perfectly plumped with stunning color.

This set contains:

- 0.15 oz Laura Big & Healthy Lip Polish (fuchsia pop)

- 0.03 oz Big & Healthy Lip Stick in London (baby pink)



Buxom Stay There Eye Shadow


This bounc-i-licious new eye color offers the ultimate experience with an unexpectedly plush, lightweight texture and vivid color. It leaps and bounds beyond what you've come to expect from eye color and better, yet, it's even waterproof. Named after our loyal four-legged friends, these stay-put shades will be your faithful new beauty companions as they comfort and care for your pretty peepers. The mineral-infused, paraben-free formula pampers delicate skin with soothing Aloe extract and Vitamin E—all with a non-greasy, long-wearing finish. Touch it. Pet it. Love it.

Shades are:
Black Lab (shimmering black sky)
Bull Dog (intense royal blue)
Chihuahua (bright silver)
Golden Retriever (vibrant copper red)
Mutt (bronzed taupe)
Poodle (pale yellow gold)
Pug (smoky pewter)
Saint Bernard (deep sea green)
Schnauzer (vivid violet plum)
Shitzu (gilded lime green)



Buxom Stay There Eye Shadow Brush

Specially designed to tame Stay-There Eyeshadow, this brush expertly applies vibrant, waterproof color that's sure to please. The tapered brush head gives you the most well-behaved, precise application and the wider brush base lets you apply buildable layers of vivid color, so you get the exact intensity you're after



Buxom Chronicles: Four Of A Kind

Meet the girls, Katie, Trixie, Dolly, and Violetta—four sexy dynamos who will plump, tint, and drizzle your lips to pout perfection. Each shimmering shade leaves your kisser curvaceous, voluptuous, and drenched in fabulous color, while a tingling sensation reminds you that your lips are looking fuller by the minute. A deep infusion of antioxidant vitamins E and A will keep them soft, smooth, and protected. $28
This set contains:
- 0.07 fl oz Dolly Big & Healthy Lip Polish (muted plum)
- 0.07 fl oz Katie Big & Healthy Lip Polish (pale pink)
- 0.07 fl oz Trixie Big & Healthy Lip Polish (shimmering golden rose)
- 0.07 fl oz Violetta Big & Healthy Lip Polish (shimmering fuchsia berry)



Buxom Insider Eyeliner
A velvety liner for the lash line and inner rim of eyes. 14$, 4 new colours:

Black Jasper (black metallic)
Black Pearl (gunmetal metallic)
Blue Jade (peacock metallic)
Chocolate Citrine (deep chocolate)

Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Stick
A three-in-one lip perfector that works hard for the money. 18$, 5 new colours:
Amsterdam (deep raspberry)
Bombay (rose)
Marrakech (nude)
San Francisco (dusty mauve)
Shanghai (deep raspberry)

Buxom Lips
A pout-perfecting lip polish. 18$, 4 new shades:
Sarina (diamond/ shimmering toffee)
Princess (original/ shimmering pink pearl)
Dani (original/ berry pink)
Bunny (original/ innocent pink)


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