How To Do HD Skin

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I want to share an article about How to do HD Skin i saw on internet, i think it is very useful, it shortly summarizes what we need to achieve HD Skin

With high definitiion TV and nowhere-to-hide close-up paparazzi lenses, celebrity skin is scrutinised for every clogged pore. Get your foundation wrong and not only can skin appear dingy in tone, but also give the effect of adding five years to your age.

Creating the perfect base is the secret of a luminous and radiant complexion that looks like you’ve been naturally blessed by the skin fairy. Here we reveal the tricks to getting the ultimate pristine glow

The ideal foundation should feel weightless, appear invisible with the finish giving skin a spa like glow. The biggest giveaway that you’re wearing foundation is the colour. Mismatch your skintone and your make-up cover is blown.

To pitch the shade perfectly to your skin, never test foundation on your hand, test where you wear it. Make-up artists will generally apply three stripes of colour on to the jawline where the right shade will literally disappear into your skin. As a general guideline: if it’s too dark it will look orange and if the shade is too light, skin will look ashen. Charlotte Tilbury, celebrity make-up artist and creative director of myface.cosmetics understands the perfect make-up marriage between skintone and foundation is key for an amazing complexion. Taking the guesswork out of choosing a base, she has developed nine shades in her mymix foundation range (£12.99) with three shades each flattering three specific skin types: fair, medium and medium/dark.

Underwear for your skin
Now your  shade is cherry picked, it’s on to application. But before applying foundation, take time to prep skin by stealing a tip from the professionals. They slick on a primer such as L’Oreal’s Paris Studio Secrets Professional Smoothing Resurfacing primer (£11.99), which, when dabbed onto the skin will not only extend the life of foundation but will help minimise the appearance of imperfections. The result? A camera ready, flawless skin. 

A touch of lightness
With new light-weight formulations dictating that less is more, the fashion finish for skin is dewy and fresh-faced rather than masked. The difference between looking airbrushed and made-up lies in your application technique. For a light and even coverage you can either use a flat oval shape brush or fingertips. Either way the trick is not to apply it like a face cream, but to lightly brush it on or pat it in. For seamless results, blend your shade away gently from the centre of the face. This way you won’t apply too much and keep your look natural. A new favourite is Maybelline’s Dream Creamy
Foundation (£7.99) which hydrates the skin for baby-smooth perfection. Available in 5 shades

The perfect hideaways
Spots and dark circles underneath the eyes can blemish otherwise great skin. This is where clever concealer can take your skin from fatigued to fabulous.

Like foundation, tone and texture is crucial for complexion perfection.To banish under-eye darkness opt for a shade that’s a little lighter than your skintone to offset the dark pigment and choose a formula that’s moisturising. This ensures it won’t drag or cake around the delicate under-eye area. A favourite to use is Clinique’s All About Eyes Concealer (£15.50). Gently pat into the darkest area around the eye with a fingertip.

For blemishes and areas of redness, choose a shade that matches your tone exactly and opt for a thicker texture that stays put. To apply use a fine brush for precise application then blend out around the edges with fingertips. Don’t be tempted to pile it on over blemishes as you will only end up enhancing the very area you set out to hide. Laura Mercier’s Secret Camouflage (£25) contains two shades: one to match the skin’s undertones and the other to match skin’s colour. Use alone or blend together to even out tone and hide blemishes.

Still think powder is only something your granny should be dusting on? Then think again, as it’s actually your secret weapon to keeping foundation and concealer in place as well as ridding any shine. For an invisible veil go for a translucent powder and apply with a generous, fluffy brush. So as not to over-powder your face (a make-up crime committed by Nichole Kidman recently) dip brush into the powder and rid any excess by gently knocking or blowing it off. Apply to the face in soft, swirling upward movements. Oily areas such as the nose, chin and forehead may need extra dusting.

Updating their image, many powders now include minerals that deliver non-drying benefits, making skin look buffed and youthful. Try Prestige Translucent Finish Mineral Powder, £7.82 which settles on the skin perfectly.
By Jacqui Ripley


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