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I was not expecting this product to be this much good, it is like this is the moisturizer that I've always needed. 

It makes my skin so soft and silky.  

Ahava Bright Nights Anti Aging Serum Review


As  I mentioned on my previous post, I used to be a great fan of AHAVA and I used many AHAVA products, I used AHAVA product way before I started blogging more or less 10 - 11 years ago.   

Ahava Bright Nights Anti Aging Serum is a great use for day and night,  I also mix it with my MAC Studio Fix foundation and gives me a nice look,

AHAVA Anti-Aging Perfecting Hand Cream Reviews

 I have always tried to take good care of my hands which is not that easy: I can't stand wearing gloves when I do my housework, the water here in South East is horrid and leaves my skin very dry,  I tried lots of oils and moisturizers and lotions for my hands, some of them were ok, but most would just leave my hands greasy without deep moisturizing.

CSCS Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum Reviews

Every woman should use hyaluronic acid as skin care routine after the age of 25,  the earlier you start the better it gets, do not wait your 50's to start anti aging products. 

What I noticed comparing to the other Hyaluronic Acid Serums I used, this one is more watery, feels less concentrated. 

InstaNatural Youth Express Eye Gel Reviews

InstaNatural Eye Gel is one of the best products I used for under eye bags and dark circles. 
It has got Hyaluronic Acid Extracts in it, it hydrates without making your eye area greasy, you can also use it on your face but I prefer to use it on my eyes, for my whole eye area, I store the product in the fridge, to make it cooler,  
It's like proper gelish product, it dries about 30-40 seconds, depending on the amount of the product you pumped. 
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