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Rush Hair Weybridge Hair Salon

If you are living down at South East like me, you most possibly been to Rush Hair a couple of times or maybe it's you favourite hair salon. (they have hair salons throughout London, Essex and South East)

And on the 20th June, they have opened a Salon in Weybridge,  Brooklands College is in Weybridge and I can see that it will be one of the popular hair salons in town. 

The Country Candle Company Candle Reviews

I love burning candles, incense, and oils. 
I am also interested in spirituality,  I do have my own big box of tarots and oracles collection, I do need to relax when i am doing reading for myself and my loved ones. I am not a professional, it is a personal hobby and love :)) 
I do light candles whenever I do want actually, does not matter day or night, but i tend to light them in my lounge, much more safe.
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