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Vaseline Cocoa Butter Vitalising Gel Body Oil Reviews

Vaseline Cocoa Butter Vitalising Gel Body Oil Reviews

One of my Holly Grail Bath Products, I do not know how many bottles I used so far, but after being addicted to this Oil for so long, I decided to review it. 

Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Set

Inspired by the dazzling explosion of pink and gold, our ROSE GOLDEN Luxury Set is downright divine. 
Stored in a sleek, classy clutch, the luxurious brush collection comes with eight essential handcrafted 
brushes for your everyday makeup routine or looks with extravagance.
The kit comes with both, high quality natural hair and synthetic taklon bristles, so it can be used with 
cream and powder based products. 
Designed with a symphony of rose golden ferrules and matte handles in Pantone® Black 5C these luxe 
makeup brushes are a statement accessory for every beauty lovers dressing table.

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