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Collection Cosmetics Jade's Lipstick Swatches

Collection Cosmetics Jade's Lipstick Swatches

I love love love and love the shade..  It is one of the rare of shades that I like on my self.

Do not just say ah it is a drug store brand it won't come near to YSL lipsticks.

It smells lovely, it tastes lovely :)) it

 To be honest I am having hard to time find a nice shade that would really go well with my skin tone on high street brands, either too dark / too light or I simply do not like the shade.

I mostly find lovely lipstick at drugstores, not always but mostly.

Collection is a brand I really love, lipsticks, glitter liners, coloured mascaras, it just rocks my world.

Art Deco Glam Vintage Shimmer Cream Brown Swatches

Art Deco Glam Vintage Shimmer Cream Brown Swatches

My first Art Deco purchase in long long time. When I purchased it in a store in Fulham they did not have any samples to swatch, so I purchase this one, but now I say I wish I purchased the Moonlight.

This a multi use product, you can either use it alone, or you can use it as a base colour.

You can also mix and  match it with the other eye shadow's, I like it using with golds, coppers, browns, caramels,  even with the first two Naked Palettes

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