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USL by Uslu Airlines Edition No2

GUA - La Aurora, Guatemala, KEF - Keflavik, Iceland, WAV - Wave Hill, Australia, MWS - Mount Wilson, USA

Choose from 8 amazing shades:
GUA is located in Guatemala, this deep navy blue will fit perfectly on a hot summers day surrounded by wild reptiles. Just go on google images and you'll see what we mean!
KEF found its inspiration in the hot springs of Keflavik in Iceland where this airport is located, a light shimmery white gold nuance works perfectly even under water.
For WAV Wave Hill in Australia we 'travelled far' taking inspiration from various stones found in this area, this turquoise has many shades depending how the light falls.
Everybody needs a hot pink, therefore we say hello to MWS Mount Wilson in USA.

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Q The Fine Fragrance Body Spray Reviews
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