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London Bloggers Meetup

London Bloggers Meetup

                                            Jesse and Jean-Luc

We had a small with up with London Beauty Blogger at the Book Club last night, Becky organised this event for us.


ImPress Press On Manicure Reviews

ImPress Press On Manicure Reviews




I am so sorry for not being updated my blog, as some of you know I was on a trip both business and pleasure. I had a chance to spend some lovely time with my niece, She is 9 months old now and when I last saw her she was 2 months old. She is a grown up little lady and who now can say Teyze (auntie) in Turkish. I am so proud of her and when I heard that she saw saying Teyze and I got into tears.


DIY: How to get Cindy Crawford's Hairstyle

How to get Cindy Crawford's Hairstyle

Celebrity hairstylist George Gonzalez,shares his hair styling tips he uses on Cindy Crawford

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