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Lush Honey Bee Bath Bomb Reviews

Lush Honey Bee Bath Bomb

This is a huge bath bomb that contains troubled skin. Soak in soothing honey, aloe and rhassoul mud.
If you want a nice relaxing bath than this product is ideal for you.
I have used some other Lush products before ,but I have never tried their bath bombs.
This bath bomb is huge, it is like big tennis ball
If you do not want to use it only once, you can divide it into 2 and use it other half later
I just find the smell a bit strong most possibly it is the rhassoul mud.
I like the way it bubbles and melts,  take it bomb in between your knees and feel how it bubbles, it is very tickly and relaxing.
It takes so long it to melt,after it melts, the water turns into yellow, excuse my language but the water looks like a pee after it melts.
After you finish your nice soaking bath, you notice that it also turns your bath tub into yellow.
You need a good rub with a bleacher after that.. 
Other than the smell and turning my bath into yellow I can not tell anything negative about this product.

“I have received this product for review purposes only, you are reading my honest reviews as always!”

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