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Givenchy Instant Bucolique Collection

Every year, we shake off the winter chill and eagerly look for the first sign that the sun is on its way. Like magic, the pinks, mauves, peaches and lavenders begin to dot the landscape. The colours bloom with the sun’s first rays then, disappear as quickly as a whim.  The red-orange poppy dances in the breeze, sunny, golden rapeseed captures the sun’s glow and wild hyacinth cools the soul with bursts of blush traces.
The fragility of spring is at the heart of the inspiration behind Givenchy Instant Bucolique.  Speckled pastel powders for eyes, face and cheeks leave your skin refreshed and pretty while eyes get a touch of tender green, pink, soft brown and mauve.  Lips get a dose of full bloom color with poppy red.

So What’s Inside the She Said Beauty February BOX

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