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DIY: How to make your Twist of Lip gloss

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The Products You Need

Empty Twist Up Lip Gloss Pen
Measuring Pan
Microwave safe jar
Measuring Spoon
Pipette or  Syringe
Chapstick or TBS Lip butter
Food Flavouring
Loose translucent powder

 Some People use castor oil but it is dangerous for health so i do not use castor oil, you can use glycerine instead of that

First cut your chap stick into small pieces and put them into your  or take all the lip butter from TBS case and put them into your measuring pan or microwaveable jar
Than cut your lipstick in it in small pieces,
than put 2 tea spoons of glycerine and it is about 10ml
than put them at a corner

Next we will mix our powder ingredients
Ok Now 2 pinch spoons of Pigment
than 1 pinch spoon of glitter
than close the lid of your jar and shake well, * this jar could be empty MAC  pigment jar
than microwave the glycerine based ingredients for 20 seconds
or heat the ingredients for about few minutes do not let them boil
Make sure that your ingredients are liquid
than add food flavouring of your choice one tea spoon
add this food flavouring to the liquid based ingredient
and stir well
you can also add some loose powder just one pinch will be enough
after you add your loose powder, make sure your loose powder is transparent
and stir it well
than use your pipette or  Syringe to put the ingredients to your twist up pen…

Nars Pillow Talk Lip Gloss



I really love this gloss,
it is pretty long lasting, it is not a long lasting one but it stays on my lips pretty long considering few cups of tea,
It is soft and silky
But it stinks it doesn’t really smell nice, it gives me a nausea
it looks a bit dark in tube but it is a lovely light pink..
I love pinks :) and i noticed i always go for pinks, purples
it is a 17 GBP


DSCF6204DSCF6213 DSCF6205  DSCF6212DSCF6205DSCF6207 

This palette is very similar to NYX Champagne and Caviar which is a dupe for Bobbi Brown’s Neutral eye shadow  palette.

Most of NYX eye shadow palettes are very chalky and dusty. Including this one,

Especially NYX’s lighter eye shadows are more chalky and it is really difficult to get the colour

this palette is based on more brown and nudes,

on the champagne one, there were blacks and blackish Grays

it is cheap if we compare it to the most of the high street and drugstore brands

You need to use a primer under these eye shadow palettes,

Secondly i hate from the bad packing, after few uses the palette starts to crack,

the screws are not strong enough to hold the mirrored cap

so it falls apart and it is not possible to depot not because of the odd shape of the shadow,

it is because of the palette it self.

Most of the shades are similar both on this palette and both champagne and caviar..




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