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MAC - Future Earth Collection - May 08 


  • Volcanic Ash Exfoliator
  • Prep + Prime Microfine Lip Refinisher 
  • Charged Water in Revitalizing Energy 
MAC - Tendertones Collection - May 08 

Tendertones SPF12

  • Deep Sigh 
  • Pucker 
  • Sweet Tooth
  • Take a Hint
  • Hush Hush
  • Hot n' Saucy
  • Tread Gently
  • Honey Bare
  • E-Z Baby
  • Sweet & Nice 
MAC - Cool Heat Collection - Jun 08

  • Tropic Glow
  • By Degree
  • Gentle Simmer
  • High 90
  • Swelter 
Eye Shadows:
  • Solar White
  • Warming Trend
  • Warm Chill
  • Gulf Stream
  • Cool Heat
  • Climate Blue
  • Blue Flame

Perfumes (Creations)
  • Turquatic
    Keynotes: Lotus Leaves, Corsican Cedrat, Anemone, Orris and Blue Cedar (REPROMOTE)
  • Turquatic Heat
    Keynotes: Cedrat saturated with the clear effervescence of Mineral Water, Lotus Flower, Opulent Orris, Jasmine and Tiare Soul.(LE) 
MAC - New View Collection - Jul 08
MSF Duos
  • Light Medium Natural and Shimmer -
  • Medium Natural and Shimmer
  • Medium Dark Natural and Shimmer
  • Dark Natural and Shimmer 
  • Deep Dark Natural and Shimmer
Brush: #189 Brush

MAC - Electro Flash Collection - Jul 08  
 Mineralized Eye Shadow Duo
  • Play on Plums Mélange/Mono
  • Sea & Sky Mélange/Mono
  • Hot Contrast Mélange/Mono
  • Love Connection Mélange/Mono
  • Two to Glow Mélange/Mono
  • Odd Couple Mélange/Mono
  • Fresh Green Mix Mélange/Mono 
  • Pink Split Mélange/Mono

  • Vanity’s Child
  • Fast Thrill
  • Mellow Mood
  • Dangerously Hot
  • Culture Clash
  • Major Minor
  • Sonic Vibe
  • Lil’ Hot Pepper
#227 Large Fluff Brush


Eye Palettes

5 Warm Eyes (LE)
-Fertile-blackened brown (S) (not the same as strange hybrid/heatherette)
-Chillproof - Frosty creamy white (F)
-Tancentic - Frosty beige pink (VP)
-Rolled Gold - Frosty golden olive (L)
-Rustic - Frosted copper red (VP)
-213SE Brush -
5 Cool Eyes (LE)
-Radial Pink
Brown Border - Frosty plum(VP)
-Spot Colour - Mid-tone blue purple w/ white pearlized pigments (L)
-Blue Spill - Mid-tone cornflower blue w/ gold pearlized pigments (F)
-Slate-Smoke grey (S)
-213SE Brush - For application of eye shadow to the lid area. This brush has a thick bundle of fibers arranged in a rounded shape.
Lip Palettes
Warm Lips (LE)
-Fresh and Fun (Lipstick)
-Oh Garnet (Lipstick)
Flash of Flesh (Lipgloss)
-316SE Brush 
Cool Lips (LE)
-Miss Rose Lipstick
Cassis Royale Lipstick
Virginity Lipglass -
-316SE Brush
-Altered Beige - Creamy yellow beige (L)
-Square Root - Mid-tone burnt bronze (F)
-Lunar - Sheer creamy yellow beige w/ white pearlized pigments
-316SE Brush - For controlled lipstick or eye liner application and comes with a metal cover. This brush has small, flat, firm fibers and a tapered tip.

Neutral Lips 

Brush Sets
  • 5 Advanced Brushes (LE) Black handles & ferrules in a green nylon rectangle bag

    219SE .

  • 5 Advanced Brushes (LE) Black handles & ferrules in a purple nylon rectangle bag
    219SE .

  • 5 Basic Brushes (LE) Black handles & ferrules in an orange nylon rectangle bag

    • 129SE 
    • 266SE
    • 190SE 
    • 224SE  -
    • 242SE 
    • 212SE 
    • 219SE  
    • 275SE .
  • Naked to the Core
  • Pop Circle
  • Inner Hue -
  • Rose Go Round
Richmetal Highlighter
  • Female 
  • Deep Deposit
  • Quick Flash
  • Rose Bullion
  • Dark Influence
  • Positive Charg

  • Royal Flush
  • Gilded Green
  • Tea Time
  • Jardin Aire
  • Circa Plum
  • Steel Blue -

Colour Form Powder
  • Sun Centered
  • Play Around Pinkk


Pro Longwear Lustres -
Coco Lust /Sweet Sexy -
Red Reflection / Mirror
Pink Air / White Top
Ripe and Ready / Soft and Lush
Gypsy Rose / Shimmer it -
Custom Rose / Pink Virtue
Boss brown / Slave to Pink
Alta Moda / Hip Love -
Red Flame / Orange Flicker

Nail Lacquer 
$$$$ Yes

Bronze Smoky Eyes

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Use an eye primer of your choice
conceal under your eyes
than use a neutral eye shadow and highlight your brow bone
Than use a soft brown eye shadow or brown cream liner and blend it with crease brush
than use a bronze or mix golden and chocolate eye shadow to get the bronze look with  a definer brush
use white or silvery eye shadow on the inner corner of your eyes
use a dark brown mascara to give a natural look to your eyes

Purple Smoky Eyes

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First use a primer potion of your choice
than use a neutral eye shadow to your brow bones 
than use a dark purple cream eye liner to your inner and upper lids
blend it with a definer brush
apply an eggplant or a dark purple eye shadow starting from you lids up until your crease
blend it with a crease brush
apply a jet black mascara
also shape your brows and fill it with a brow pencil

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