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MAC Antiqiue Green Pigment Review

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 This is one of the pigment samples that i purchased, i forget the website
i purchased this to use it my green mac eye shadows like sumptous olive

i really like it and it is a very very lovely colour

if you love greens you will love this pigment too

it is very light green..
it gives more colour if u use it with mixing medium or with MAC Fix Plus

Soleil Tan De Chanel

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This is a blush, but it is one of the blushes that you can use as a bronzer both to your cheeks and face.
Use your brush to apply it to your face, just tap the brush to your hand and apply it to your face or cheeks ,

but if you have foundation on your face and if you want to apply on your face take small amount of blush / bronzer to the brush than tap the brush apply it to your face..

MAC Cosmetics Powder Blush Frankly Scarlet

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 To be honest i have never used this blush, i do not think that we can get on well with her,
she is a bit too strong for me...  A bit too pushy...

this blush is recommended by the most make up artists, and according to them this blush and the blushes like Frankly Scartlet they do their job well as blush..

it is a bit difficult to apply for those who are extra clumsy like me..  

yup i am an extra clumsy girl who broke one of her eye shadows while is triying to rearrange her de potted eye shadows.. i just could not remove the eye shadow from the pan so i turned it upside down and i put my hand under it just in case suddenly all the eye shadow was in pieces...

in short words this is not recomended for clumsy girls unless you want to look like a clown,

if i am not wrong this is a pro item.

Shiseido Accentuating Color Stick No:5

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Shiseido's Cream blushes are much more easier to apply  than  powder and loose blushes,
they are very pigmented, and gives much more colour than you think.
When you are applying be a bit Scrooge, do not put much amount of cream blush to your face, if you do, take a little tissue and do small circles without making pressure, or the best way is use some translucent powder or a setting powder on your cream blush, that's what i do..

Shiseido's cream blushes are small enough to carry in your bag..
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