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Must Have Make Up Brushes

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 well most of my brushes are MAC so i can only give examples from MAC
if you want to buy from other brands just look at their labels on the brush handles

that is for the starters :)

MAC 134 - 136 Powder/ Bronzer Brush
MAC 109 Small Countour Brush
MAC 266 Arched Liner Brush
MAC 239 Eye Shader Brush * this is the best to blend eye shadow
MAC 217 Blending Brush
MAC 182 Kabuki Brush
MAC 187 Duo Fibre Brush
MAC 194 Concealer Brush
MAC 190 Foundation Brush
MAC 224 Tappered Brush
MAC 227 For appliying powder products eyeshadows, powders, msf any kind of powderbased products large fluff brush

Questions and Answers

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 I am receiving some emails from my readers and asking me , they are using NCxxx  foundation from MAC and if they start to use a foundation from another brand would be the same tone or a different one,

Well obviously i can not know that but if you know your undertones it will be very easy for you to choose a foundation.

NC Neutral Cool
there is a chart below hope that will help..
and do not just go and buy a foundation without knowing your skin undertones..

Selecting your shade is to simply look at your skin, without makeup, in daylight. If your skin looks more Yellow/Golden Olive or Golden Beige, you match with Neutral Cool or “NC” shades. If your skin is a neutral beige, you will match with the Neutral or “N” shades. If your skin looks more Pink Beige, you match with Neutral Warm or “NW” shades. This might seem backwards since usually we think of pinkish skin tones as cool and yellowish skin tones as warm

115 - NW15/20
117 - NC15/20
118 - NW/C20
120 - NC25/30
123 - NC30
127 - NC30/35
128 - NC35
135 - NW30
140 - NC35/40
153 - NC40
155 - NC35/40
170 - NC40
173 - NC45
175 - NW45
177 - NC45/50
178 - NC50
185 - NW55
Stads for:
“Neutral Cool”
Match for:
Yellow-Golden Olive Skin
Golden Beige Skin
Beige Skin
Pink Beige Skin
Pinkish Skin
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