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Some News About Stealing Beauty

Hey guys

Soon you will be seeing pictures of my own make up, brush and skin care collection, please be patient as i need some time to take pictures and to write my own ideas about them.

I am still waiting to receive my Nars Duo E/S Kalahari and Cordura, it appears like i am not gonna receive them as it is nearly a month since i give the order.

But I can still write reviews about my other e/s, pigments, fragrances, toners etc

Believe me u r gonna like them :D

i will write some reviews about my favourites also :P

So i will be keeping posting reviews about other products, i see on internet and liked. Also it is impossible for me to use or try them all, as i am not receiving samples or anything from the companies like the other bloggers.

See you in my next news..

All About eyes : Eye Shadow Appliying Tips

How to create a sophisticated Look

  1. First apply a light eye shadow starting from your eyelid to your eyebrows,
  2. Use a dark color to create a dramatic look, do it to your crease line
  3. Also make small spots using some light eye shadow to make your eyes to look more lively and bright do it on inner corners.

How to Create a Night Time Look

You are going to a party and you want to look great so here are some tips for your make up.

To create a night time look, use light, medium and dark eye shadow
Apply the dark shade to your lash line, medium on the crease and the light color is to your bones
Now it is time to blend these colors with a blending brush...
Also apply some black eye shadow after you apply your black eyeliner
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