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Eye Shadows for Blue, Brown and Green Eyes

Blue Eyes

If you have blue eyes then use a darker shade of eye shadow than your eye color.
And you can mix your eye shadow with a black eye shadow to get a darker shade
To brighten any shade of blue you can use silver, turquoise or even fuchsia.

Green Eyes

If you have green / hazel eyes then you should use brown, apricot, purple, plum, deep khaki or forest green to brighten your eyes
if you want to have an ultra-modern look you should use gold, lime-green, light green , light purple shades.
Violet or purple liners make hazel eyes stand out green.

Brown Eyes

If you have brown eyes than try some shades like copper, bronze or brown to accent the brown eyes.
You can also add beige and khaki-green.
you can contrast your eyes by using royal blue, hot pink or lime green.
They all say that Blues (all shades) tend to look best on brown eyes but i do not agree with this, it also depends on your skin tone.
I have a darker skin tone I use MAC NC 40 and most navy blues, dark blues suits on me.
But any kind of green, brown, copper, pink , beiges suits on me
So if you have a darkener skin tone, use what i recommended.
anyway those are my ideas, it is your free will you can try what ever you like.
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